Storage unit size guide

Storage unit size guide


At Shamrock we are pleased to offer two different types of storage to meet all your access, security and convenience needs. Here’s what we can do.


This type of storage is the predominant type of storage that moving and storage companies like Shamrock offer. It means just that, “Full Service”. We will prep, inventory and pick up the items at your home or business, transfer them to one of our facilities in the Bay Area and then pack them into our 5x7x7ft storage vaults (also called Storage containers or Storage Pods by some.) The items are then sealed in their vaults (some of our customers have 1 vault some have 20 vaults) and then they are stacked away in one of our facilities with the other 2500 we currently have.

We also have a large overflow section in all our facilities that gives us safe and secure yet accessible place to store items that don’t fit in our 5x7x7ft vaults. We have over 500 pieces currently in our overflow section, from pianos to couches, large brick ovens, motorcycles, boats, ladders, armoires and many more items. Our facilities are owned by us, very secure and are alarmed and monitored 24/7.

Most customers use this type of storage to have their items securely stored until they need them at their new residence or office, or back at their recently remodeled location. Access is allowed, subject to availability on our schedule, with at least 5 business days’ notice as we must organize a crew, and the retrieval of your vaults from our stacked storage area. Our crew must then open, unload and unwrap the items you need access to. At that time, we can release them to you to take away or deliver them to a location of your choice. We will then re-wrap everything that needs it, update your inventory list and then re-pack, seal and re-stack your vaults.


This is the typical type of storage most people think of when they hear the word “storage”. Being a moving and storage company we are in the unique position of being able to offer this type of storage along with our Full-Service option. With Self-Storage, you can visit our self-storage facilities and pick out a unit and set up your account with our friendly office staff or call our friendly staff and do the same from the convenience of your home.

We currently have over 230 units total at our San Francisco location. Most customers use this type of storage to get easy access to their goods without notice and to store items they need regular access to like bikes or golf clubs. At Self-storage, you can also access your items without the need of a Shamrock moving crew to help you. We can of course provide a crew to help you move into and out of your Self-Storage units at any time but the choice is yours.

Our facilities are modern, secure and offer a lot of choice when it comes to unit sizes.

We at Shamrock are one of the only Moving and Storage companies around to be able to offer our customers the choice of Self-Storage vs. Full Service storage. We have designed our self-storage facility to be mainly 5x10ft units so it will act as a supplement to our full-service option.