Resources & Reminders

This section will serve as an important to-do or reminder list of items to take care of prior to your move.

Where possible, we have recommended companies/services but we encourage you to do your own research as well.

  1. Organization – Book an appointment with a professional organizer! If you wish to pare down your possessions, or get rid of some items before you move, an organizer can help you get your home in order before your move. If possible, have your estimator meet with you after your purge, so he/she will have an accurate view of what needs to be moved. For recommendations on organizers we have previously worked with, just call our office at (415) 731-2777 (San Francisco and surrounding areas) or (650) 638-1777 (Peninsula).
  1. Mail – Forward your mail –
  1. Residential Parking Permits for your new street

  1. Temporary Parking Permits for the trucks DURING YOUR MOVE
  • If you feel that we may be at risk of being ticketed, we recommend that you call the SFMTA office at 311(from within SF) or 415-701-2311 (from outside SF) and obtain an appropriate parking permit for the day of your move. The SFMTA need at least 8 BUSINESS DAYS NOTICE to submit a permit request. We also offer that service to our customers at a nominal fee. Our customers are liable to pay bridge tolls and/or any parking tickets received at the move sites. PLEASE NOTE: If your residence is located on a street car or bus line a parking permit is mandatory.
  1. Billing address – Change your billing address with credit card companies, banks, local utilities, and/or any company you have an account with.
  1. Utilities – Set up garbage and water services at your new address.
  1. TV/Cable Services – we recommend cancelling your current service, if you are not locked into a contract, and setting up new service at your new home. This way, you get to avail of current discounts and promotions!
  1. Get to know:
    • Your street cleaning schedule.
    • The location of local fire, police, and hospital services.
    • Bus and Public Transportation schedules and routes:
  1. PG&E
  1. Pet Boarding
  • Pet Camp – 525 Phelps Street, San Francisco, CA 94124 –
  1. Furniture Consignment Stores:
  1. Clothing Consignment Stores
    • Simply Chic – 3038 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 –
    • Crossroads Trading Company – 1901 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115 –
    • Kate’s Closet – 1331 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107